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Disney World Monorail Evacuated After Outage | National News - Wgal Home

Monorail-Disney "It wasn't a jolting stop, but it did stop really fast -- the monorail glided to a stop," Lily said. Without the air conditioner running, the train car got pretty hot over the next 90 minutes. As they waited for firefighters to help them off, the stranded visitors passed the time by chatting with each other and messaging friends. No one seemed to panic, Lily said. Firefighters later managed to pop open the top hatch of the train car -- but opted to escort passengers out through the doors, using a lift. That actually disappointed Lily. "I kind of wanted to go through the top, I thought it'd be fun," she said. Despite the mishap, Lily said she'll definitely be back -- especially after getting free passes for the inconvenience. And for a teen who visits Disney World at least three times a year, the experience was actually pretty http://annawilcoxflorida.wix.com/yummydisneydining cool.
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Man's Fingertips Severed on Disney World Ride - Injured

on July 11, 2014 11:10 AM A tourist's fingertips were severed after an accident on Walt Disney World's Pirates of the Caribbean ride Thursday, with many legal questions yet to be answered. The injured man, a UK resident whose name has not been released, lost the tips of his ring and pinky fingers on his right hand. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the injury occurred after the victim was holding on to the outside of the boat during the ride. Was the man properly warned, and should Disney cover the damage? Keep Your Hands Inside the Ride Although amusement park warnings may seem like white noise after about the 12th time or so on Space Mountain, they serve a very important legal function. A Disney spokeswoman told the Sentinel that on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, guests are warned to "keep hands and feet inside the ride." The queuing area also contains signs that alert guests to "remain seated with hands, arms, feet and legs inside vehicle." Operators of amusement park rides most likely owe a duty to riders to properly warn them of the safest way to enjoy the ride. It's currently unclear whether the injured rider heard or disregarded the audio and printed warnings on the Disney ride, but the strength of his future claim against the park may depend on whether a court finds him negligent. Comparative Fault in Fla.
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